An Example of Proactive Church Direction On Clergy Sex Abuse

At this point, it appears that most denominations on the U.S. are taking the head-in-the-sand approach to dealing with clergy sex abuse. Not the least of these is the largest Protestant denomination in the country, the Southern Baptist Convention.

However, there is another way – actually several – and it can be done. Here’s an example of how the Church in Wales is taking proactive measures to address the issue of clergy sex abuse – both providing for the aid of victims and accepting responsibility.

Now, why would US churches not want to do something like this? There are only two reasons which make any sense to me, since our mandate from God to stand up for the afflicted and oppressed is very clear and often repeated in the Word. One reason is simple pride in keeping the public image polished to a high gloss. The other reason is money – what would happen if all those people sued the church? That could put entire denominations out of business.

So what is more important? Image and money, or healing for the afflicted and oppressed? I can’t see Jesus having a single pause over that question. And His answer would be the opposite of the one US churches are choosing. That should be such an indictment that anyone with the Holy Spirit in residence would be overwhelmed by conviction.

Why is reality different from this? And what does that say about the denominational leadership of churches that persist in avoiding this very serious problem?