What’s Happening Behind the Hedge?

One of the reasons domestic violence can be so hard to spot, especially in the church, is because it stays hidden “behind the hedge.” Especially since a Christian woman frequently feels the necessity to keep quiet about what happens behind closed doors (reverencing her husband), the secret stays safely locked away behind the normal-looking exterior of that marriage.

Waneta Dawn has addressed just this powerful issue in her fiction novel, “Behind the Hedge.” The author, who is both a survivor of domestic abuse and former facilitator for a batterer’s intervention group, has crafted a story that draws the reader into the lives of Yvette, Luke and their family and gives an inside view into the minds of both abuser and abused, in a classic Christian marital abuse relationship.

The book is both good reading and an excellent resource for Christians who want to learn more about responding compassionately and biblically to the sin of domestic abuse, for those who may be experiencing domestic abuse or wonder if they are experiencing domestic abuse or who know someone who is.

Waneta Dawn was raised in the Mennonite Faith. Readers can learn more about her and, BEHIND THE HEDGE, by visiting her website, http://www.wanetadawn.com/.