Whose Idea is This Anyway?

Think it’s only bitter, whacked-out, radical feminist women who have these crazy ideas about the Bible that I write about here?

Surprise! Women who believe God teaches respect for women, demands His people stand for the oppressed and afflicted, and doesn’t support male dominance in the name of godliness are not alone.

Mart DeHaan, with RBC Ministries (Day of Discovery, Our Daily Bread, etc.) has written several times about these subjects. His latest blog post reads like something you would find here, or in the writings of other women – and men! – who are speaking out against oppression and injustice in the church.

This is not just a strange twisted concept contrived by disenfranchised and rebellious women. This is Biblical truth, understood and believed by a broader cross-section of believers than our antagonists would care to admit.


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