Quivering Daughters – Another Voice Speaks Out

God has raised up another voice in the growing army of those speaking out against abuse in Christian families. Quivering Daughters powerfully addresses abuse within the Quiverfull movement, and associated issues.

Hillary speaks with clarity and wisdom about the roots and fruit of the theological philosophies behind the Quiverfull movement. She writes from the perspective of someone who has experienced the movement first hand, and her authority and the truth she speaks are compelling.

I’m so grateful to God for raising up Hillary to this place!

Pastor Harry Benson Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Minister Harry Benson was arrested Tuesday and charged with one count of first-degree rape, 12 counts of unlawful sexual contact and one count of sexual solicitation of a child. Benson is a senior pastor at a United Methodist church in the Newark area of Pennsylvania.

Youth Worker David Frank Martin Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Youth group counselor David Frank Martin was arrested again Wednesday night on additional child abuse charges. Martin was a part-time employee of Faith Fellowship Church in Melbourne, FL. According to the linked article, he was originally arrested two weeks ago on charges of lewd and lascivious molestation and sexual battery on a minor, but had bonded out.

However, additional allegations were made against him and he has been re-arrested and is being held on $350,000 bond.