Spiritual Abuse, Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll

There is a new blog addressing the issue of spiritual abuse at Mars Hill Church, pastored by Mark Driscoll. I have been aware of this situation for quite awhile, but haven’t written about it. This blogger encountered Mars Hill Church herself and God showed her almost immediately that there was a problem. Since then she has dug further into the issue and she writes some very insightful pieces revealing the core of abuse present in this church, and why/how it is so dangerous. She also includes links to some survivor resources, both for general spiritual abuse and for Mars Hill abuse survivors.

I also think this information is relevant and valuable for anyone who believes they may be experiencing spiritual abuse or those who want to know more about it. The author clearly analyzes specific documented issues, teachings, practices and theology by Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. These are applicable to many other churches and religious/spiritual settings. So I believe this site would be beneficial on a broader basis than just for those who have attended, are attending, or may attend, Mars Hill Church.

I have added a link to this site in my blogroll as well.