Another Domestic Abuse Survivor Tells of Pastoral Abuse

Yet again, a woman is telling how her pastor has sided with her abuser. She shares e-mails from her pastor with his exact words and has photos of her wounds – so there’s no denying this unless you just want to bury your head in denial. I wish this pastor’s attitude were unique or rare, but it is unfortunately common.

One Response

  1. I can relate to this woman’s struggle. I have been free from domestic violence for about 6 years now. When I went to a church pastor he wanted to give me and my ex marriage counseling. It didnt work. It got worse. I wrote about this at my blog in a post called “Letter From A Survivor”.
    Your site is amazing and there is so much information that I know will help many out there who are struggling with abusive relationships.
    Blessings, Jamey

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