Former Youth Pastor Timothy Edmonds Sentenced for Child Sex Abuse

Former youth pastor Timothy Edmonds was sentenced to 10- to 20-years in prison for sexual abuse of a teenaged girl.

According to the linked article, Edmonds allegedly pleaded for leniency and asked for a statement made to his probation officer to be stricken from the records. Edmonds supposedly not only told his probation officer that he did have sexual contact with the girl, pre-court records also indicate he gave substantive detail about this sexual contact. In court, Edmonds stated he only admitted to having sex with the girl to receive a sex offender evaluation which he felt would prove he would not commit such an act at a later date with another victim.

I know there are many supporters of Edmonds who believe he is innocent. However, if he is innocent he has successfully proven my point made in the article He’s Innocent! He Just Pled Guilty Because…. If a pastor lies about his innocence he must be considered and treated as if he were guilty. If nothing else, this is the just consequences of the lie and the other considerations mentioned in the article.

2 Responses

  1. Many of us have known that Timothy Charles Edmonds was possibly a sexual predator for several years, but he managed to fool a lot of people for a long time.

    Because he was protected by using threats of law suits and other means of intimidation, Edmonds was able to commit his crime on an innocent child.

    Edmonds has been dishonest about himself and has lied to everyone from day one even to now. Thank God that Judge Irene Berger was not fooled by his manipulation and lies.

    Edmonds has abused a child, he admitted to it, and there may be others. He has damaged churches and there reputations. He has divided church people who once were good friends but now hardly speak to one another.

    Knowing he was a sexual predator, Edmonds married a pastors daughter from a good family, allowed her to bring two precious babies into this world and at the same time committed this crime.

    The damage he has done to this good family is incalculable. The pain he has caused this good pastor, his church, his school, their health can never be measured.

    When I say Justice Was Served, 10 – 20 years in jail may or may not be appropriate. But when Timothy Charles Edmonds stands in judgement before God all of these things he has done to God’s people and to God’s church will have to be accounted for. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL.

  2. The TRUTH shall set you free. Obviously this “Man of God” is a liar. A self admitted liar because any way you look at it from any story he tells there is a lie somewhere. Pastors have an obligation to the truth above all else. His retraction to the judge just proves that the truth of God is not in him.

    If there was one scrap of humanity in him he would confess to his wife and let her move on. He is an all around monster I feel sorry for all his victims his wife and children included in that list.

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