Former Youth Pastor Brian Neiswender Sentenced

Former youth pastor Brian Neiswender was sentenced today to eight to 16 months in jail, followed by 3 years of probation on three counts of corruption of minors and two counts of indecent assault. He had pleaded “no contest” to the charges last month.


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  1. Here is a perfect of a jail sentence that is to short. You hear people all the time quote how offenders like this get 20 years, etc. We had one locally – 2nd conviction and he got 7 years. He wasn’t a pastor, but still 2nd conviction! YIKES!

    I’ll pray for this man and his family. I hope that he finds the healing that he needs. My prayers also go to those lifes that have been ripped apart due to what happened. I finally pray for the victims that will have this horror to deal with the rest of their lifes, and I hope they also find peace and healing. May God touch everyone involved with some peace.

  2. Here is a perfect example of a Salem Witch Trial. Abigail Williams and her friends get their way as John Proctor is forced to “not contest” his charges, and yet on his honor will refuse to lie and sign a public confession declaring his guilt. John Proctor realizes that the mores of his world and present age will not allow him to be released from an accusation made by a young girl, so he concedes by not contesting the charge and hopes for a shorter sentence. In the end, John Proctor is hanged but keeps his honor and his name.

    The poor Judge Danforth. While he suspects that the trial is a farce he must concede to the wishes of the mob, who demand blood for such a despicable act. He tries to convince John Proctor to sign the confession and keep his life, and yet lose the honor to his name. Yet he knows that John Proctor is an honorable man, and as much as John respects the judge’s authority, John proctor respects an even higher authority. So he refuses to lie, much to the trepidation of Judge Danforth.

    While all the while Abigail Williams runs away in the night, never to be seen from again. It is revealed that Abigail was the true culprit all along, and was able to coerce friends to testify in her favor.

    Ah, the things that Judge Danforth under-estimated: the power of perception, popular opinion and the mob. While all the while Abigail knew the power that she held, and the mob’s ignorance of that power. She knew that she would never come under scrutiny of suspect or crime. She knew all too well that in this case, whatever the law makers may have said, John Proctor would be guilty until proven innocent.

    We are praying for you Brian. Hold fast, and be encouraged! Know that God has not abandoned you. I only hope that I can be half as honorable as you are, Brian Neiswender.

    • ok captain ignorance…. yes it is good that you will be praying for brian. we all will be praying for him. do not be so blindfolded as to compare this to a historical event…. there are a lot of things you don’t konw about this great family man….

  3. Saw you say the same on the Citizen’s Voice Blog, even cut and pasted it into the main blog discussion of all of this.

    BTW: I disagree.

  4. Yeah, except the Salem witch trials occured in what… the 16th-17th century? I was completely unaware that technological advancements have since then paused! Not to mention that the trials themselves were unjust since they were based off of supersticious nonsense and relied solely on witness testimony, alone…wow. and he was HANGED for that…yup, The Crucible definately compares to the case with mr neiswender. Especially the part about the mob…because there was defiantely a mob of christians attacking mr. neiswender. Pfft.

    It is a naive assumption to believe that the police were riding on the girls (7-10, i believe) testimonies alone. That’s implying that the judge, the lawyers (especially mr. neiswender’s…since his apparently encouraged mr. neiswender to take the no contest plea. not to mention that brians first lawyer dropped him, too.) and the investigators are a bunch of idiots. This is a SERIOUS issue that affects many people. Had there not been enough evidence against Mr. Neiswender, he would not have been sent to trial in the first place…remember that.

    And, honestly, if he were innocent, he should have plead innocent and went through with the trial. The fact that he didn’t because he was scared of conviction, and the fact that the police found convicting evidence against him, speaks for itself.

    • thank you for bring to the table what the facts actually are. where were you able to find out about the first lawyer dropping his case. something i didn’t know

  5. if he really were innocent, why didn’t he SAY in court he was innocent? why didn’t he want to sit in the witness box and “UNDER OATH” say he was innocent, if he was?

  6. i think we all know the answer to that….

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