Pastors Scott Webb and David Webb Sued in Sex Abuse Case

Sr. pastor Scott Webb, and his son, former youth minister David Webb, have been sued by the girl David Webb pleaded guilty of sexually abusing, and by her father. David Webb was sentenced in July to serve five years in prison.

According to the linked article, “the lawsuit alleges sexual assault, battery, harassment and seduction of an underage woman against David Webb, and accuses his employer, Word of Life Christian Center, of negligent hiring, training, supervision, retention and entrustment.”

This situation is another example of why churches must begin to self-regulate. This will become more and more common and end up putting individual churches and even entire denominations out of existence — the natural consequences of failure to stand for righteousness in the first place.

One Response

  1. I agree. I have to wonder WHY it takes lawsuits for some churches to figure out WE might wish to handle things in the correct manner from now on. Its sad that the motive of a lawsuit does it, and not decency and morality among other things.

    Sighhhhh! I think alot of us saw this type of thing coming.

    I pray this child has the strength to deal with this extra mile. She will be doing others a HUGE favor, but still!

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