[Updated 3/19/2009]

Danni Moss is a pseudonym.  I am using an alternate name for writing to give a measure of anonymity to my children, family and former in-laws.  In my writing, my children are (in order of age) J, A and C.  My ex-husband is Gary.  This is not his real name.  I do go by Danni in real life.  I’m a 40-something single mom starting over after 20 years of marriage. 

I’m also a professional writer and a vocalist.   I spent most of my marriage as a stay-home mother but wrote for various organizations and purposes through the years.  I used to act and direct drama as well, but have lost my interest in that avenue in the past few years.  The intensity of my private life burned me out on drama.

I am especially passionate about the state of the Christian church and about abuse, by the church and within the church.  I have an unfortunately extensive experience in this arena.  This site is part of my personal goal of being actively involved in doing something about these issues.

 I’d love to hear from you if you’re checking out my blog site.  I do moderate all comments, and inflammatory or argumentative posts will be deleted.  This is not an open forum for discussion, so I reserve the right to delete or edit as I see fit.




I look forward to “seeing” you on the site!

25 Responses

  1. I would love to correspond with you! I too am involved in ministry to situations of family abuse. How can I get in touch with you?
    Catherine Clark Kroeger

  2. Danni,

    While I am not an abuse survivor, much of your blog resonates with me. As an ordained woman who wrestles with her call, much of your writing encourages me to keep “running the race.” Thank you for your honesty and courage.

    Grace & peace to you!

  3. Danni, I am interested in helping churches protect their children from sexual abuse, and protect themselves from resulting law suites. I would like to get your opinion, suggestions, etc. How can I contact you? email?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Larry,

    I’d first recommend reading through this site thoroughly. I have a LOT of resources in here, interspersed here and there. There are also links within articles to additional resources.

    Also, if you go through my blogroll, the SNAP Baptist site has additional resources and can direct you to more. The owner of that site is an attorney and deals with exactly that issue.

    Thanks for caring!

    — Danni

  5. Just found you site today and was astounded to find your site filled with not only help centers, but how the site really focuses down and shines a light of goodness that raises awareness to a new level. Thank you number one for you and your recovery, but beyond that how you reach out to others in need by providing hope. The part of your site that is so valuable to me is the articles that break down the misconduct and abuse by religious groupings. This is very valuable for a victim and victims to realize that they are not alone, and what happened to them is not fault.
    Please keep up the great work!

    Bravo & Blessings for you,
    Curt Szajnecki

  6. Hi Danni,

    I also just found your site today and I really love how you are bringing awareness to these issues. I use to be a member of one of the churches you have an article posted about. I was one of the girls abused and it has been hard to go on, but it is nice to see that we are not alone, and that there is more awareness about this sort of thing. I know what it’s like to say that these things have happend to you and to have some of your closest family not believe you. You site offers a lot of positive outlooks and is helpful when dealing with very negitive experiences.


  7. Hi Danni,

    I just went through your entire site reading and educating myself. I didn’t know that clergy abuse was so wide spread until it happened at our church recently. There is so much that people can do to be informed but as you wrote … you can never tell who it might be. That was right on! We couldn’t tell until it was too late, and the young girl and her family are now being subjected to awful slander due to coming forward. Thank you for all your help and support!

    May God Bless,

  8. I am so happy I found your blog. Thank you for writing about this. I so feel that abuse is still taboo inside the church.

  9. You go girl! I am glad to see someone writing about their abuse. The more of us that start talking about it, the more people are going to understand that this shit really happens, and then it will go from being a dark secret to something that empowers us all.


  10. sorry about the bad words. Yeah your right I need to repent and come back to God.

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