Should You Speak Out?

By Danni Moss
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Do you know of injustice but feel you are powerless to make a difference?

Are you a victim but think you can’t change anything?

Do you see abuse but not know what to do so you don’t do anything “this time,” with good intentions for “some other day?”

I had a major revelation recently. It is one of those — so incredibly small it’s incredibly huge — things.

All the power anyone has is the power of ONE.

You may think that someone else has more power than you do, but that is only because he or she uses their power differently than you use yours.

But the fact is this, all the power anyone has is the power of ONE.

Where the power of one becomes greater is when the power of one becomes one plus one, plus one, plus one..

Margaret Mead, the famous American anthropologist said,

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

YOU can change a life. Because you have the power of one.

You can change your life.

You can change one other person’s life.

You can change many other people’s lives, simply by doing what you can do – you have no idea how much one person can do who will just do what is within their grasp to do.

And when you join hands with others, there are no limits to how much you can do.

If you know of abuse, speak out.

If you are being abused or have been abused, speak out.

If you do not know who to speak out to — e-mail me. I can help you. And then we can join our power of one and become one plus one.

Yes, you can. Because God made you one – in His image.

8 Responses

  1. pastor rapes his wife with battery charger and wants a 3some but is not corrected and she is tossed out as if she is unredeemable

    I have been wondering how God allowed my husband a pastor to leave us after 29 years of marriage turn the church against his children and I to justify his adulteress affair and extreme abuse of us. He and the Assemblies of God did nothing but make me look crazy.

    This has devastated my life and no one seems to care because he has married into money and now his ministry ( Fire around the World and wind & Fire in Marion Iowa) have blessed him as if he were sinless and we were the problem.

    I can not understand this

    I fasted and prayed and delayed the divorce for almost 3 years, he said if I filed for divorce we could date and start all over but that to was a lie

    The church acts if I am in darkness because I asked for help because he was abusing our son and I, and I could not take it after he raped me with a battery charger and wanted a threesome with his male friend from India that he moved out with in the beginning.
    He beat up our son and acted as if he was the victim twice and it was a living night mare but the church took his side and never even allowed me to tell my side or care for my sons protection…

    He seems so Holy and they defend him as if he were as sinless as he proclaims


    even when I washed his feet he said I do not believe you are redeemable

    what was my great sin? Wanting help for my son?

    I am very confused about these ministries right now. They promoting his affair with a wealthy woman and did nothing to confront them becasue they helped build on to the ministry….some claim she is his Moses and his family was his bondage like Eygpt….How am I to pray?

    No one wants to face these issues. They are great followers of Todd Bentley…why do these revivals produce so much sexual sins if they are of God?

    Please help me to pray God change me and please pray for my children, Sasha, her husband Matt, my sons Jordan & Abraham, and myself Karenlynn Hurt from Marion Iowa

    • Karenlynn,

      This is something I want to address soon. I will be in touch – and also writing about this soon.

      But meanwhile – remember that God is not the one with the problem. Where “Christianity” goes against the Word and heart of God it is wrong, not Him. That is not of God and He has another outlook altogether.

      — Danni

  2. 2 timothy 4:3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.
    Unfortunately we are in these times right now! this scripture is one of the reasons i don’t believe in ‘Mega-churches’. as a society we tend to put preachers up on a pedestal equal to God Himself. i pray God watches over you and your family. as far as that church goes, they are already under that great delusion. stay faithful to God and stand firm, He will justify the righteous!

  3. I am speaking out. I am in recovery from an unexpected brutal assault from my apparently godly christian fiancee who was doing maximised manhood (NZ ministry) and had done bible college. It is less than 2 weeks ago and I have told the small mountain on my cheek (which the doctors say is a cyst from his knuckle) to move, as my ribs heal and I cant work. He is in jail, and I have received an email from his prison pastor counsellor asking to communicate with hopes of restoration. My friends say God would not bring a maninto my life who would do this to me and I am standing on the word of God Jeremiah 29:11, however struggling with theknowledge that God can do anything. I have compassion for I understand he has a heart problem but feel I cant trust my own judgement after what happened. I am on deferrment christian counselling family therapy course, and have set my focus to finish last term of this year. I realize that I seem to subconciously end up inrelationships with people who should be clients and am committed to breaking the cycle and am working on finding the cause of my love deficit. I just want to meet the call of the Lord on my life, I was the woman at the well and hid under a rock instead of in the rock, afraid of relationship and I refuse to run and hide again. What kind of counsellor would I be to couples ifI am afraid myself of intimate relationship? I am committed to walking through this and going higher, but I need a multitude of counsellors and His wisdom. Can you help me to know what fruits over time I would be seeing occur should he be truly repentant, as I have never suffered such extreme life threatening abuse. Thankyou

    • Arg! I wrote you a whole response and then cyberspace ate it!

      Michelle, first I want to say that I’m soooo glad you are speaking out and standing up for right!!!! I wish I could be there and give you a giant (no squeezing) hug!

      I am frankly alarmed that his prison pastor has contacted you to attempt to initiate reconciliation – even just counseling. That is absolutely indicative of two things.

      One, that pastor is clueless about abuse and is less than worthless in this situation. DO NOT TRUST HIM in this matter. He could be a great person – but he is deadly trouble in an abuser situation because he has no understanding.

      Second, your fiancee is playing the manipulation and false repentance game. As a well-trained Christian abuser he can do this flawlessly and almost endlessly. There is no way possible that he has truly changed in the ways an abuser must in two weeks. And for that pastor to be contacting you for reconciliation that is an indication that both he and your fiancee think that he has either done so or is far enough along for reconciliation to be initiated. That is completely impossible. The issues behind abuse run very, very deep; and in the case of a religious abuser they run even deeper because they are completely entwined in his theology too — and changing someone’s theology is harder than changing their behavior!

      Honestly, my opinion (based on lots of experience) is that you need cut yourself off from him completely. He needs to get his heart right with God and find out about and deal with his core issues because that is right between him and God — not so he can get you back – which I can guarantee you is what is happening right now. If he is radically changed and comes back a different man in 3 or 4 years – well then maybe. But in the meantime, you need to completely let him go and close that door.

      And you also need to be free to find out the core of your needs (and you are so smart to see that about yourself!! almost all of us who end up in abusive relationships have that same need because there’s a reason we end up with an abuser and don’t see the warning signs ahead of time — but most don’t figure that out and end up in another abusive relationship again) without having to also be working on a reconciliation with an abuser. That will literally tear you down and cause more damage to your process. You will also be a sitting duck for Satan to undo and twist up what you are trying to learn, through the mistruths, manipulation, and wrong stuff you are almost certain to encounter along the way of trying to deal with a “recovering” abuser.

      I am speaking against that cyst and for your ribs with you!

      You are welcome to write again, or to e-mail me privately any time you want.


      — Danni

      • my pastro husband did the repentance act over and over every time he was unfaithful–like writing a love song to a topless waitress while he attended Bible college and beat me up because after all he was not the problem I was! the repentance act will go on and on and on and on I let it go on for 30 years! He did everything but kill me phy inside he killed me and made himself look like the victim after all he is a nice man and great pastor…must be the family God gave him that is the problem..not the fact he raped me with a battery charger after all he claims I consented to all his sexual abuse…funny screaming in pain is not consenting but then I caused my own beatings because if I had been a better pastor’s wife I would not have been abused…my advise is let him go now don’t let him rob you of 30 years and leave you penny less and blamed by others!

        • we have to remember that pastors are human, they are capable of committing the same sins as anyone else! people tend to elevate them to a higher position forgetting that Jesus told them they are to SERVE others. also pastors are great manipulators of both scripture and people.(not all pastors) because of their position in society they will be believed over any layperson. ive seen first hand how they put on the act of repentance. ive seen them take advantage of people with the gift of compassion. seen them put on the act of poverty only to take advantage of people with giving hearts. how do we warn others? we are labeled as trouble makers, backbiters, gossips etc… it is time to stand up to all such actions that go against the Kingdom. dont be afraid to speak out, there are others that draw strength from you and in turn give you strength. the Lord always justifies the righteous!

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