Victim or Survivor Series

This is a series of several articles by a single author – not by me.  This is the single best set of articles on this subject I have ever read.  I cried my way through them; they verbalized what I have experienced so powerfully.  I asked this writer if I could copy these on my site because I felt they are invaluable.  Since there are several of them, I am devoting a separate sub-section to them.  This page has the links to each section.

Introduction to Victim or Survivor Series
How to Wound an Already Wounded Person
When Counseling Facilitates Abuse
Marital War or Terrorist Activity?
The Role of “Survivor Stories” in Recovery
The Taboo of Acknowledging Victimization
Walk a Mile In Her Shoes

3 Responses

  1. […] seen to date.  I asked the author if I could repost them on my site because they are fantastic. Check out this page for links to the articles. Be sure to read them all — they are […]

  2. Dear Danni
    I am deeply honoured by your words about my articles. It humbles me to know how I have been able to touch your heart and express your own pain and feelings in some way. I hope many other women will be blessed by reading these articles, and I am so grateful for your putting the links on your page.

    The head of the Domestic Violence Project in my town has given me similar feedback, and has ideas about developing a training series for health visitors and other professionals who need to become aware of and sensitized about domestic violence, with me speaking to them in groups. (As a performer, I have no problem with that at all–just the marketing and soliciting of opportunities would not be comfortable for me, so with her or other people organizing it, I would do fine.

    I don’t know where this is leading, but I am amazed that I have been able to speak in a way that can reach others so powerfully. As a former singer and teacher of singing, I thought my role in the world would be to do this through music, and singing, in particular; yet I see now that it has taken a different direction, at least for the time being.

    How gratifying to realise that the man who seemed determined to destroy me body and soul has in fact not silenced my voice but somehow managed to amplify it through his abuse and my deep response to it!


  3. I cannot believe how similar we are! I’m a vocalist, too; have taught a little but apparently don’t have the right connections to find pupils. Same with public speaking. I can speak anytime, anywhere, to anyone – no nerves. But the marketing and soliciting I can’t deal with. LOL!

    I’m hoping to be writing full time for a women’s organization soon and doing school on the side. I’ve done some writing/speaking/seminars with this group previously and, when I get my degree, am planning to work with them as a professional counselor/therapist and trainer.

    I wondered if you had thought about publishing – maybe even expanding on these and publishing. You’ve got good stuff here.

    All the BEST to you!

    — Danni

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