What Happens When Someone Is Sexually Assaulted, Part II

By Danni Moss
Copyright protected, all rights reserved

Before reading this post, be sure to read Part I.


After reading Part I of “What Happens When Someone is Sexually Assaulted” ask yourself this question. How much does it matter? When a person in authority — whether it’s a clergy member, a parent, a family member, or any older and larger person — takes advantage of another it causes life-long scars.

There are hundreds of adults now, just in our country, who were sexually abused as children inside the Christian church – across all denominations, including the Catholic Church. What a legacy for Christ! Huge numbers of these have left the church and abandoned God because God’s representatives have wounded them on one hand while claiming to speak for God on the other. This should make each of us both appalled and incensed. By far, the majority of these victims have been shunned by the church when they have dared to speak out. Many have been shuttled out the church door secretly and forced to sign confidentiality agreements or have been threatened into silence.

And a large number of these people are starting to speak out. If you look around carefully, their voices are appearing all over the internet. The internet has become a lecturn where they can have a voice. And that voice is gaining volume. The voice of the “ex-Christians” who are old enough now to know what happened to them was unexcuseable. The voices that will become loud enough to seriously affect the reputation of the church — and deservedly so.

Even more sickening is that there are hundreds of children in churches today currently being sexually abused by church leaders. The numbers get even larger if you branch out into other forms of abuse being covered for and hidden by the church. These are individual lives for which we are responsible. By we I mean each one of us who claim to be Christians. We are responsible because if we don’t stand up against injustice done in the name of Christ, who will? Certainly not the systems of power and authority in Christianity which have failed victims for many years now and continue to make the same wrong choices today.


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