Hair Loss

I was told I would definitely lose my hair between 7-21 days after my first treatment.  I lost my hair at 14 days.  A couple days before that I started to lose body hair, then the rest of my hair on day 14.  It was a very weird feeling.  One day there was nothing wrong with my hair and the next day it was everywhere.

 Because my daughter was not quite 2 years old, we were concerned that she might be traumatized by the sudden change of my hair loss.  She had just been traumatized by abruptly having to stop nursing – an extremely difficult experience for both of us.  So we made a game of it and showed her how my hair would come out in her hands.  She had a great time making a mess with my hair and was eased through the transition of seeing mommy change from having hair to being bald.  It also helped me because we made it a fun event rather than a traumatic one for me in the process.  And I did enjoy not having to shave my legs for a few months.  😉

 When I asked around on the support groups, I was advised by others who had “been there, done that” to not get a human-hair wig.  Not only are they extremely more expensive, they are also difficult to maintain.  So I got a good quality synthetic wig for a couple hundred dollars.  However, I found I disliked wearing it.  It was itchy, hot and I just felt weird with that tight band around my head.  So I only wore the wig to church and a couple times when we went out to a restaurant.  When I went to the store or the doctor I wore a scarf.  I already knew I didn’t like hats before I had cancer, so I didn’t even try them. 

What I actually enjoyed most was just being bald.  It was very comfortable.  I didn’t wear a scarf around the house or in the car.  The kids and I had fun watching other drivers stare when we were out on the road!

An interesting detail about hair loss — my eyelashes fell out three times.  They didn’t fall out completely until about the time I switched from A/C to Taxol chemo and after the new lashes had started to grow back.  Then about 4 months later they fell out again.  Then, much to my chagrin, they fell out again in another few months.  Every once in awhile I wonder if they’re falling out again, but they haven’t.  It’s just a little flash-back feeling.

 My hair started to grow back after I completed A/C chemo, so by the time I finished with Taxol I had a pretty good head full of fuzz.  I quit wearing any type of head covering about the time I had surgery in November when I had hair about the length of a buzz cut all over.


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