Clergy Sex Abuse

Links to articles about clergy sex abuse.

Touch Not God’s Anointed

Should You Speak Out?

Why NOT Speak Out?

Are We Ruining God’s Image By Speaking Out?

All That is Necessary

If We Ever Tried to Tell

Why Abuse MUST Be Reported

Abuse in the Church Brings Judgment of Sodom

Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain

How Much Do I Love You?

Pastoral Denial: What it Says and Why it Matters

What the Bible Says About Abusive Pastoral Authority

Does God Need Us to Protect His Reputation?

Government Regulation of Churches

Protestant Clergy Sex Abuse Equals or Exceeds Catholic Church

Are Abuse Advocates “Taking Advantage” for Selfish Gain?

Classic Example of Calling Evil Good

Southern Baptist Convention & Clergy Sex Abuse

Is Clergy Sex Abuse a “Southern Baptist” Problem?

Another Church Icon Weighs In on Clergy Sex Abuse

Abuse in the Church? Be Ye Warmed and Filled!

What do Do When a Pastor is Accused of Sex Abuse

When a Pastor is Accused: Is He Guilty or Innocent?

Sexual Predators in the Church

16 Child Predator Lures

Should Sex Abuse Victims Move On?

The “Not Rape” Epidemic

Why I Post Stories About Clergy Sex Abuse

When the Innocent is Unjustly Convicted

He’s Innocent! He Just Pled Guilty Because…

Does He Deserve a Reduced Sentence?

Why a Short Sentence for Offenders Cannot Be “Enough”

The Limits of Forgiveness

What Happens When Someone is Sexually Assaulted, Series

In the Aftermath: When Clergy Falls, Series

The Devastation of Denial

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