Government Regulation of Churches

By Danni Moss
Copyright protected, all rights reserved

The church is historically adamant against any regulation by the government. In our country with its foundational principle of separation of church and state we have almost taken the autonomy of the church for granted At the very least we view church freedom from government regulation as an inalienable right which cannot legally be assailed.

However, as I have observed the issues of abuse in the church for the past 25 years (or so), I am beginning to wonder if the church isn’t inviting, and even ultimately forcing, government regulation upon itself. The very thing the church is so strongly opposed to is something it may bring on itself because it refuses to self-regulate. The government has a responsibility to uphold the law and protect its citizens. If the church is going to be complicit in the violation of this basic responsibility, the government will eventually have to step in. When this happens the church will reap the consequences of its own choices and will have to live its own worst nightmare.

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