Floating in Pots of Sick Irony

By Danni Moss
Copyright protected, all rights reserved

[Originally posted 02/07/2008]

Is the Southern Baptist Convention bent on self-destruction?

Let’s put a bunch of recent incidents in relation to one another. It gets even better at the end, so follow the trail…

Awhile back it was revealed that SBC seminary president Paige Patterson has some rather barbaric perspectives on domestic violence, as I discussed in my post Paige Patterson On Domestic Violence

At its national convention this year, the SBC executive committee revealed its determination against the establishment of a database for SBC clergy sex abuse offenders. I have written or reposted other articles about this issue in several places:

SBC Says No to Sex Predator Database
What the Word Says to SBC Inaction on Clergy Sex Abuse
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More Thoughts About SBC Clegy Sex Abuser Database

This past weekend it seems the entire world of Christendom (at least in the US) took offense to a sermon by SBC professor Bruce Ware in which he blames wives for the abuse they receive from their husbands – no matter how he might try to pretty it up and say it ain’t so. I added a couple follow-up posts to my first post with :

Another Excellent Perspective on Bruce Ware Abuse Pandering
People Speak Out About Bruce Ware Sermon

Today I have discovered that, not only did the SBC decide not to build an SBC clergy sex offender database, they also considered and deliberately rejected the suggestion that a rule be made to disfellowship a church which hired a sexual predator (para. 5 & 6). They touted church autonomy as the reason they could not do so, though they have a rule to disfellowship any church which hires a homosexual pastor.

At the same time, during this year’s convention, members proposed that the SBC executive committee consider adding a rule to disfellowship any church which hires a female senior pastor (last paragraph).

You can color me very confused. Domestic violence is OK. Stay and pray. In fact, Wife, your abuse is your fault because you’re rebellious and unsubmissive, since we believe women should most definitely be seen and not heard; just like children – who also have no rights. In fact, we could assume, based on the theology and examples given, that children are also to blame for their abuse. Is that a far stretch?

Churches are autonomous – unless they have a homosexual pastor. Then we can kick them out of the convention. But if they hire a sexual predator we can’t do a thing about it because local churches are autonomous. But if they hire a woman pastor we can kick them out of the convention (well, we want to be able to, so please say yes).

Excuse me? Obviously, autonomy is a sham, to be used as a convenience to avoid responsibility for an uncomfortable issue. And it is equally obvious that women and children are not only held in disrespect, but that “traditional” male superiority must be underscored and protected at all costs and at all times – even at the cost of the lives and well-being of women and children.

I know that every leader in the SBC would hotly deny this statement is true. But what are we to believe in light of their actions? The actions of SBC leadership are screaming pretty loud.

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