When the Southern Baptist Convention CAN Overthrow Autonomy

By Danni Moss
Copyright protected, all rights reserved

In my various research wanderings online, I just came across a reference to the fact that the SBC convention has expelled churches who have accepted gays on staff. How interesting! I thought local church autonomy was supposed to prevent the convention from being able to do anything about the staffing choices in local churches (tongue in cheek here)!

I do believe this proves my point that the SBC CAN do something about the issue of clergy sex abuse — they just don’t think it’s important enough. In fact, this demonstrates very clearly that the SBC believes clergy sex abuse and pedophilia is less wrong than homosexuality.

Yet, pedophilia and statutory rape are crimes while homosexuality is not (overlooking the fact that most Baptists I know believe homosexuality should be a crime; that’s not the point I’m making). This attitude is a profound injustice and nothing less than appalling.

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