Vision Forum, Bill Gothard, Patriarchy and Multigenerational Faithfulness

By Danni Moss
Copyright protected, all rights reserved

There are whole knotted piles of interconnected issues here that I have been wanting to write about. I grew up in this theology before it was mainlined by groups like Vision Forum, and touted in a large segment of the Christian homeschooling movement and hand-holding organizations such as the Counsel on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, the True Woman movement, parenting gurus such as Gary Ezzo and the Pearls, etc.

This ideology is what God rescued me out of after I experienced its natural conclusions. I speak from the position of someone who completely believed it all – 100%. But as I followed a personal walk with God, He tore away the facade and showed me the truth of the underbelly of the leadership and why the ideals espoused by them are against God’s Word and violate His heart which is plainly revealed in the Word.

But writing about it is quite a daunting task! It is such a tangled web of anti-Biblical theological perversions, made that much more complicated by it’s wide acceptance among mainline Christian leaders.

I have to say there are also some mainline Christian voices which do not agree with this philosophy. Dr. James Dobson is one such notable individual, though he occasionally appears to flirt with the edges of it – perhaps without realizing the connection and interrelation of certain ideas.

However, there is a writer who has taken on the task of addressing these issues. This author does such an excellent job of digging into the theology and history of this movement, ideology and the individuals involved, I can hardly aspire to her level of detail and comprehensive depth. So I am linking to some of her articles.

I also strongly recommend reading the other materials on her sites. One of the things that I appreciate most about Cindy’s work is that it is scholarly. This isn’t rants and raves against a movement. She focuses on the truth and goes to great lengths to demonstrate the fallacies of these theological systems.

I also encourage everyone to actually study the information she writes and links to about the types of wrong logic and indoctrination used by people within Christianity to support destructive theological practices. These are very powerful. It is not without significant relevance that these groups use the same tactics practiced by cults, dictators, and propaganda experts. Only if Christians do it, they call it “renewing the mind” instead of brainwashing! Hijacking and misusing Biblical terminology does not change the truth of what they are actually doing.

Overview of the Web of Multigenerational Faithfulness

Origins of the Term

The Spiritual Eugenics of Multigenerational Faithfulness: More Social Darwinism

The Layers of Extra-Biblical Belief Underneath Multigenerational Faithfulness and the 200 Year Plan”

Is Wilson Pro-Abortion or Just Following Multi-Generational Faithfulness?

Do New Testament Believers Become the New, Physical Seed of Abraham, Propagating the New Israel Nation of Christians Through the Womb?

Lack of New Testament Support for Multigenerational Faithfulness

Return of the Daughters, Multigenerational Faithfulness and Uncle Ned

The Selfish Sin of Shyness: A Deterrent to Multigenerational Faithfulness

First Time Obedience and Unquestioned Submission as an Essential Component of Multigenerational Faithfulness Part I: Parental Convenience

First Time Obedience and Unquestioned Submission as an Essential Component of Multigenerational Faithfulness Part II: Spiritualizing all Activities

Part II Addendum: Spiritualizing All Activities, First Time Obedience, Multigenerational Faithfulness and Unquestioned Obedience

First Time Obedience and Multigenerational Faithfulness, Part III: Poor Development of Analytical Thought and Problem-Solving Skills

First Time Obedience and Unquestioned Submission as an Essential Component of Multigenerational Faithfulness Part IV: Theological Concerns

RC Sproul, Jr’s Take on Multigenerational Faithfulness: “When You Rise Up”

Thoughts on Fear-Based Obedience: It is Hollow not Holy

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