What the Bible Says About Divorce, III

By Danni Moss
Copyright protected, all rights reserved

God’s Example Regarding Divorce

Huh? God has an example about divorce? Amazingly, I have never heard a pastor preach about God’s divorce. Nor have I ever heard a Christian counselor acknowledge it. But sure enough, God got a divorce.

I’m not attempting to be flippant, but I am trying to jolt people out of the rut of tradition that goes against both the spirit of God and the Word. In Isaiah 50:1 and Jeremiah 3:8 God says He divorced Israel. In both of these passages He uses the word kariythuwth which is only, and specifically, used for a legal termination of marriage. This can not be interpreted to mean anything other than what it says – God divorced Israel.

How can it be that God can get a divorce in the face of persistent unfaithfulness, while insisting that believers can never get a divorce for any reason? Human marriage is a type of the relationship between God and man — not the other way around.

God’s example is that persistent, unrepentant unfaithfulness to the marital covenant may necessitate divorce — just as He did Himself.


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