Church Abuse



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  1. with over three hundred thousand chuches in America people should be able to find a true loving church. I hope! We did- there are several here- call the TBN station in your area and they can tell you which church in your area gives to the orphans and destitute. Women’s shelters also tell TBN to send women to them. I used to work for TBN and every one knows a good church that works there. God Bless!

  2. I have experienced abusive mannerisms from a Pastor that I believe had power and control issues. His words and behaviour reminded me of a “cult” leader in some ways. I found a good article about how a Pastor should behave toward the church and how the church is to respond to a Godly Pastor’s leadership. The website I found the article on is After reading this article, I learned what a “healthy” church should look like and how it should operate. It is not difficult to submit to Godly leadership no matter who it may be. Pastor’s need accountability too. They need to be encouraged, but know that they are sinners as well. They cannot be placed upon a pedestal. I left this particular church after 3 years of observing the Pastor’s spirit that was not right. I’ve studied about abuse issues for many years now, and I was able to see that this church was not operating according to the BIBLE’s instructions. I did not leave bitter, but did leave and found another church that is run with courtesy and respect toward all by the Pastor and others there. No church is without it’s problems, but when the Pastor uses his authority in a way that is abusive, it is time to confront and hold him accountable. Sadly, too many people in that church were not willing to do so as they were/are intimidated by the Pastor. Many other families come and go as they too observed/experienced this particular Pastor’s intimidating behaviours. He acted like a bully toward anyone that did not agree with his understanding of Scripture. As a Berean, we are to seek, ask, knock and see if these things be so. He became defensive and felt we were challenging him. Asking in a respectful way about something is important. Yet, if you did not agree with his understanding, he would expose you as being a church splitter, trouble maker, etc. This Pastor needs our prayers. But he also needs accountability. He is not GOD. I do care. Love cares enough to confront, not ignore abusive behaviour. Jesus can bring healing to anyone who desires to repent and turn to his way of relating and living by his WORD. The Golden Rule is important in how we treat others.

  3. For ten years my husband and I worked for a large local church. I was an Adminstrative Asst.. I wore a lot of hats as the Drama Director, Outreach Programs, Councelor, and Adviser etc. to those in need. I came to work everyday, and worked hard at my job. As I mentioned my husband also worked there under the Pastor. He loved his work at first and then came to himself that he was never home. Our Pastor spoke many times about spending time with your family and how important it was to do this. He didn’t have a problem with this because he took his family with him. I rarely saw my husband only in passing and a wave if I was looking in his direction. He even took my husband his wife and the secretary out to lunch. This happened all the time. I found them one day sitting in a lunch -room I had happened to chance. I walked by them and they accnowledged me and turned back to eating. My heart hurts even as I write this. My husband even come to me and said how sorry he was. He was required to return to the table where they were. There were many other incidents. Thank you, Dottie

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