While many of these articles have a slant toward how the principles apply to abuse, the same principles apply to both adultery and abandonment. I address this directly in the article THE Biblical Grounds for Divorce. The principles of marriage explored in more depth in the What Does the Bible Really Say? Series apply equally to issues of adultery, abandonment and abuse.

Also, the articles I write tend to be written from the female perspective. However, most of the principles apply equally the other way around – if an offender is female. There are a few instances where there is a corresponding application for men that is different from women. For example, a man is required by God to leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. When he does these two things then they become one flesh. The leaving and cleaving are required for a one-flesh relationship to happen.

However, it is also quite possible for a wife to refuse to be cleft to. In that case, she is the one who violates the one-flesh relationship and there is not blame on the husband. If she refuses to repent, the husband is not held in bondage any more than a wife who is offended is held in bondage.

I’ll write more about these things over time, but wanted to clarify in the meantime. I do not want any man to feel that this site is prejudiced against them. I am most certainly NOT prejudiced against men and favoring women and I talk to and work with men regularly who are in severed relationships where they are the offended party. I just tend to write from a female perspective because I am one.

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