Abuse in the Christian Home

This set of articles is a great place to start.
Victim or Survivor Series

These articles can be read in any order.

The Word – Power of the Tongue, Spirit of Murder, & Separating from Abuse, series

What Does the Bible Really Say? Series

Child Abuse Definitions

Why Do Children NOT Tell About Abuse?

How Can I Honor an Abusive Parent?

The Issue at the Heart of Domestic Violence

Blessing for the Ultimate Sacrifice in an Abusive Marriage

What If I Think My Spouse is Abusive? Question/Answer

Is Your Spouse a Serial Bully?

Verbal Abuse and How to Recognize It

Agreeing with Curses

Has Economic Downturn Caused Increase in Domestic Violence?

The Dangers of Defending Yourself

Is It Godly to Deny Our Feelings in Abuse?

Is It Rape When Your Husband Does It?

Does Rape Feel Good?

The “Not Rape” Epidemic

Is a Lap Dance at a Strip Club Adultery?

Should I Get a Divorce?

Domestic Violence and Stockholm Syndrome

Is Domestic Abuse Just a Satanic Deception?

Relationship Warning Signs

Vision Forum, Bill Gothard, Patriarchy and Multigenerational Faithfulness

The Neatnik and the “Relaxed” Housekeeper

“I Told My Secret, and The Church…”

Should You Speak Out?

Why NOT Speak Out?

Are We Ruining God’s Image By Speaking Out?

All That is Necessary

The Limits of Forgiveness

Rick Warren and Saddleback Church on Domestic Violence

Transcript of Saddleback Church Teaching on Abuse

Transcript of Saddleback Church Teaching on Divorce

Transcript of Saddleback Church Teaching on “Miserable Marriage”

Theology of an Abusive Marriage

Is “Fireproof” Helpful for Abusive Marriages?

Dealing With the Aftermath of Abuse

Why Pastors Won’t Stand Against Abuse

Pastoral Denial: What it Says and Why it Matters

Abuse in the Church? Be Ye Warmed and Filled!

How Much Do I Love You?

Why a Short Sentence for Offenders Cannot Be “Enough”

Abuse in the Church Brings Judgment of Sodom

Floating in Pots of Sick Irony

Why Abuse MUST Be Reported

Clergy Responses to Domestic Violence

What Would Your Church Do?

A Look at Why Abuse Victims Stop Attending Church

Evicted From the Church

When the Church Assaults the Sanctity of Life

A Christian Counselor Writes About Abuse in Christian Marriages

A True Story About Abuse in a Christian Home

I Wish I Had Known to Call the Police

How Abuse Affects a Child, Part I

“He Taught Me How to Fly – How Abuse Affects a Child, Part 2

No Bruises = No Abuse?

Discipline: When is it Abuse?

Is Abuse Caused by Demon Possession?

God Answers Prayer in Abusive Marriages

Verbal Rage in Marriage and Parenting

CDC Links Domestic Violence to Health Problems

A Preacher’s View of Domestic Violence

IT IS TIME TO BEGIN SPEAKING: The Church and Domestic Violence

The Devastation of Denial

Does God Want Me to Stay in an Abusive Marriage?

Fact-ional Christianese Marriage Menders

Marital Abuse & the Bible

Do We Think Enough of Marriage to Respond to Domestic Abuse?

One Man’s Story of Being An Abuser

Respect and Equality in Marriage

THE Biblical Grounds for Divorce

What the Bible Says About Divorce, Series

Sticks & Stones: Why Verbal Abuse Kills, Series

Is Dr. James Dobson’s Advice to Abuse Victims Dangerous, Series

What Happens When Someone is Sexually Assaulted, Series

What Happens When the Church Helps

3 Responses

  1. Dear Danni,

    If you haven’t looked at it already, I you might want to consider making a link on your website to http://www.hiddenhurt.co.uk It has some excellent things about religion and domestic violence, and scriptural verses, etc.

    I too, have extensive background in Christian churches, though not as much ‘inside’ as yours. I have been in a lot of different denominations, and now choose not to become involved in any congregation of any kind. But I am intensely spiritual, though I feel that my theology has expanded somewhat to a broader understanding of the difference between cultural and ethnic religious traditions and what and who God really is, and who we are and how we are connected to God. Anyway, that isn’t really important at the moment.

    I’ll write more about this if you are interested, in a future email or reply. I really like reading your blog…
    How do you find time to put all this together?


  2. LOL! I try to work on it everyday, though sometimes it’s not possible with school and other writing I do. I also let google do a lot of the hunting for me with google alerts. Sometimes I’ll get on a roll and pump out a bunch in a day. Other days I can’t post at all. I hope it will add up to a significant whole ultimately.

    Thanks for your comments!

    — Danni

  3. If I say this I will get attacked spiritually. I have been watching for over ten years. The minister yells, but it is not good yelling> He says he is spirit lead but when I go to other places where there is leading of the Jesus kind it is not like this. These will say what i am doing which is done in away not many know. I have no money but I go to places and help. Those who are spirit lead who don’t even know me speak about this. This minister gets mad cause he thinks I don’t do anything. The Lord leads me to many needs and I could be busy till two O’clock in the morning. I am find cause Jesus is my strength. There are many crying women and children who have been harmed. I hear about it. I know it is a time with this sort of ministry that I will get falsley accused because of the spirit I am dealing with. The trust factor can be easily taken away by one word. So I have learned everything I do is unto the Lord. I believe I came across this because of prayers of cerian saints in this one church. The minister tears you down, walk one place and say oh your not in the spirit and go to the other, he will call you winnies, he will call you nothing in his word, my heart goes to him for he is so not knowing, I mean he must not for the words and his life is based on what you do. He says He hears the spirit but he listens to lies about people. They will create a way to look good and blame the others. He goes with it. He say we are to obey God but yet he doesn’t, i mean it is different. I have been in many ministries they make mistakes but when he does he over corrects it by a word since he is a prophet. My children are getting beaten and are dieing is what the Lord says and it is so heavy I don’t know what to do. They are falling and crying out. They say love covers a multitude of sin and loyalty is high. I see is it gives permissioin for individuals and the minister to put down, to lie, to decieve, to tear down, to demean, to hurt and tear down other. It goes in circles. Then he gives these words that are about him and his healing and everyone is all about him. And the words are contridictory. He says he knows by the spirit. But yet the only time his heart is soft is when he gets to know you other than that he is angry. Then he boldly stated to us and no one flinced that he snaps when you cross him and goes on saying how he was surprised when it happened to his brother. He hurt and was surprised how he did. Then how he took a hammer to his brothers house when his brother said something to his mom. This calvary christian center in pullman, washington and it is small but starting to grow I am concerned for my area which has been free of such ministers that harm using the word of God. He put his hand in a fist towards his wife and said if she ever looks at another man then shook his fist at her to make a point to the congregation how wrong it is. Then he hit one of his deacons on the side while he walks through the isles. And says well some on my deacons need to be waken up. My friend is a lover of Jesus is now a lover of the pastor and what he says goes. My friend says I see things different when I get things out of the sermon. i ask my friend have you seen this or heard that and my friend would say no. That i see differently like I am in something wrong or not in faith. My friend use to teach just the word and exhort Jesus now teaches and use the ministers name. My friend says now you have to obey authority when he saw some things wrong for the Lord will protect you cause you obey the word unto God it says to obey authority. Please help and pray. Our area hasn’t had a minister like this and something is not right. He is getting overconfident that now he wants to video tape prayer meetings, deliverences, healings when he has no more healings than the rest of the churches.
    Jesus move

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