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  1. Would you consider it abuse when a sister or brother
    consistently makes another sibling dance on a rug and then pull that rug out from underneath them?

    My sister did this to me as a young child. She would invite her friends over to watch. if I did not dance as she requested, she would beat me, so at least I could control how I fell when the rug was pulled out.
    I say this would be considered abuse.
    What do you think?

    • Yes, that is abuse. Definitely.

      You have touched on another area that is often overlooked. Sometimes sibling “discord” is not just normal squabbling. Even normal squabbling needs constant parental intervention and correction. But sibling mistreatment can be raised to the level of abuse – and it is devastating. And no one really talks about this much.

      Schools are getting closer to it with the new awareness of bullying. This treatment of siblings is in the same type of behavior.

      One sad thing is that some siblings who do this type of thing may not realize how significant their behavior is — especially if they were treated that way themselves by someone else; another sibling, a cousin, a parent. So even though the effects on the recipient are “abuse” it may not have been intended that way by the offender. This is, again, why parents need to be more proactively involved. This matters.

      — Danni

  2. Have a question that I don’t know where it fits into anything. Daughter in law called couple of days ago and said that my soon to be ex was following her around town and into establishment. She made the point of telling me that she was looking real “cute” while wearing her shorts and halter top. That he had quite a conversation with her and that he then had written down his house phone number and gave it to her and she had taken it. That he had told her that ” he would like her to call him sometime and he would like to get together with her”
    She then proceeded to tell me” isn’t that something and what would I say, I would have to tell the children, boys this is your granddad and your dad”

    I seen red flags all over this one and have laid low. She is divorced from my son this past year due to adulteries she had and he has the children and is primary parent.

    Does it appear that she is playing his game with him, or has the game gone deeper into a sexual relationship with him???? I don’t know, but I do want to know: but I do know that everytime I was asking the Lord to show me at one point who one of the women were , this young lady came to mind instantaneously….
    I have done and said nothing, but do think that I will take her to coffee and as she was so bold to state these things to me, even though I don’t want him in my life and glad to be gone of the abuser/adulterer, I feel it would be appropriate then to ask her bluntly if she has had a sexual relationship with the man who was my husband and her father in law….
    It appears so warped its hard to imagine it, but I do no these things can and probably do occur.
    Any guidance within would be useful to me at this time.

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